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5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Pretty Odd Afternoon Tea For Your Wedding or Celebration!

Fellow tea & cake fans! Pretty Odd are excited to announce that we’ll be at the fab-ewe-lous Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza in November, & to celebrate we’d like to let you know why we believe that an Afternoon Tea is THE perfect choice for your wedding or special event! 1. People LOVE it! Has anybody ever scoffed at tea & cake?! With a variety of gorge fillings chosen by you - whether it’s a creamy salmon, cucumber & lemony dill cream cheese, a fruity Ploughman’s or a classic Coronation chicken, there’s something for everyone. Complimented by our signature scones coupled with lashings of thick Cornish clotted cream & tangy strawberry jam AS WELL AS a selection of our puds all included...

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Pirates, Witches & A Lot of Calories Later... Our Theme Inspiration Trip To Cornwall!

They do it right down South. Fudge, pasties, cream teas, cider - all the good stuff! & while we were there I ate everything you could possibly put the word ‘Cornish’ in front of. Proud Midlanders, (I do think our tea is better) I must say it was nice to get some sea air into our lungs. I don't know what our obsession is with the seaside - perhaps it’s because residing in Birmingham means we’re like, the furthest point away from any?! (and naturally I want it!) Although I HATE photos of myself, this genuinely was a candid shot of the back of my head. If you scroll down you’ll see my ‘why are you pointing that at me?’...

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Welcome To The New Site! Check Out Our Magical Witches & Wizards Afternoon Tea Party!

Hi tea, cake & party lovers!Welcome to the all new POP website! A long time & a lot of cake in the making, the new site is about where we are as a company right now. It's full of our past adventures, ideas of what's to come & all the ways we can help you to make your event idea come to life! For the first post, I'll be running through one of our highlights during our time so far, this month's magical 21st Birthday tea!

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