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Halloween Hunting Part 1! Whitby Abbey Illuminated & Other Festivities!

We couldn’t let the best time of year go by without our yearly pilgrimage to some of our favourite haunts! This year we travelled to the place of Dracula (& the occasional goth!) with 2 things on my mind - the Illuminated Abbey event & chips. We had so much fun, managed to bag a lot of free tasty gin samples (dangerous down the 199 steps) & got to spot some of THE best decked out Halloween windows the town had to offer! Check out our edited* (it was VERY hard to be selective of photos!) photo album of our fave spots & what we got up to!   Thanks!

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Oz-iversary! 2 Years on, A Celebration of Our Adventures Over The Rainbow For Autism Awareness!

The winds are picking up & any moment now I feel as though we’re going to go spiralling into another dimension! Better get the bubble wrap & start wrapping up the teapots. Speaking of, the latest Oz film is on & they’re at the part with the teapot village. Dream town Dan says. He’s not very wrong. Quite fitting then, that it’s only 2 days away from our 2 year anniversary of one of the biggest events we’ve pulled off to date! Our Wizard of Oz open day in honour of supporting Autism Awareness. 2 years ago, on a rainy & slightly blustery day in the middle of Sutton Coldfield, we packed our bag (boot-fulls!) of tricks, including a specially...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Pretty Odd Afternoon Tea For Your Wedding or Celebration!

Fellow tea & cake fans! Pretty Odd are excited to announce that we’ll be at the fab-ewe-lous Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza in November, & to celebrate we’d like to let you know why we believe that an Afternoon Tea is THE perfect choice for your wedding or special event! 1. People LOVE it! Has anybody ever scoffed at tea & cake?! With a variety of gorge fillings chosen by you - whether it’s a creamy salmon, cucumber & lemony dill cream cheese, a fruity Ploughman’s or a classic Coronation chicken, there’s something for everyone. Complimented by our signature scones coupled with lashings of thick Cornish clotted cream & tangy strawberry jam AS WELL AS a selection of our puds all included...

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Pirates, Witches & A Lot of Calories Later... Our Theme Inspiration Trip To Cornwall!

They do it right down South. Fudge, pasties, cream teas, cider - all the good stuff! & while we were there I ate everything you could possibly put the word ‘Cornish’ in front of. Proud Midlanders, (I do think our tea is better) I must say it was nice to get some sea air into our lungs. I don't know what our obsession is with the seaside - perhaps it’s because residing in Birmingham means we’re like, the furthest point away from any?! (and naturally I want it!) Although I HATE photos of myself, this genuinely was a candid shot of the back of my head. If you scroll down you’ll see my ‘why are you pointing that at me?’...

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