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Spotlight On: Zam-Buk & Houdini - The First 'Celeb' Endorsement?!

Hi all! How's the weather where you are?!
We want our little corner of the Internet to be carefully curated to stock something for everything - quirky, reliable and here when you need us whether it's for you, your home or your mates. 
We recently chatted with a first-time customer, and were so happy to hear that we stocked something she could no longer find anywhere else, that helped her immensely in her daily routine. As Mom (Brummie over here!) says "I've got something for that!" - and that 's what we're aiming for!
Case in point: Zam Buk. Have you heard of it before? 
We stock the antiseptic ointment in its 90ml tube, and we use it ourselves! Thought to have first come about around 1903, it's iconic packaging has adorned several medicine cabinets going back years. This patent medicine was produced by the Zam-Buk company of Leeds, and after many changes of hands over the years - is now owned by Rose & Co.
Sold as a herbal balm and antiseptic ointment, Zam-Buk was commonly used for a variety of things: cuts, bruises, ulcers and sore muscles to name a few.  Listed as a patent medicine (meaning it's made under patent and sold without prescription) we keep a tube handy and use it as an antiseptic ointment (we always advise carrying out your own research when it comes to what you use - you do you!) for cat scratches, gardening wounds (those thorns are a nightmare!) and it's perfect for carrying in your makeup bag.
We absolutely LOVE the vintage packaging (not so vintage at the time!) but whilst researching the formula when we were thinking of stocking the item originally, we were amazed to see that the lotion was backed by the Harry Houdini, legendery escape artist, illusionist and all round legend!


 - Rose & Co. (@Roseandcompany)

"Just a few lines to inform you what an excellent healer I have found your Zam-Buk to be."

How cool is that?! Allegedly a staple in South Africa, it's perhaps not the most well-known lotion in the UK anymore, but is sure has stood the test of time! It's medicinal eucalyptus scent evokes the smell of Victorian apothecaries - We love it! Have we sold you on it yet?!


The Pretty Odd Team  x


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