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What's Your Hobby? Make A Date to Destress!

What's Your Hobby? Make A Date to Destress!
What's Your Hobby? Make A Date To Destress!
What do you look forward to doing 'just because'? With the time that we are able to carve out for ourselves seemingly at an all time low, and with the term 'self-care' being banded around everywhere, we'd be interested to know what you do for you. 
Studies have shown that 'hobbies' whether that's yoga, walking or simply watching your fave tv show of an evening can all help to significantly reduce stress as well as giving you something to look forward to.
Painting could help you to destress!
Drawing and painting can even be used as a coping tool for anxiety claimed Healthline, (Drawing for Anxiety: Benefits, Easy Exercises, & More ( as well as boosting mindfulness. They raise an interesting point in regards to how often we doodle during a phone call or at work (we won't tell!) - and how you could potentially be practicing a form of art therapy.
Hobbies shouldn't be stressful though, and obviously you have to choose what's right for you! But that's not to say there aren't lots of things out there that might be worth a try, who knows - taking those 20 minutes out before bed to read a fiction book could decrease your stress levels by up to 68% claims (Reading Fiction for Stress Relief - The Monday Campaigns)
So whether it's something to give you a little break from your everyday life, for your mental health or as a way to get together with others - it's well worth trying to implement something into your week if you can. And if the thought of downtime seems a little like a waste to you - it doesn't have to take up a lot of time, furthermore, add it to your 'to do' list, that way you're still being productive, after all, rest is just as productive as the rest.
Perfect for yourself to take some time out and chill with, or great as a gift for a loved one who might need a break, each sale of our gorge phrenology posters will contribute towards a donation towards a local mental health charity.

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