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Welcoming Autumn! It's The Start of a Brand New Season! Bonfires, Harvests & Home Comforts!


Hello everybody! We hope you had a lovely Summer and are ready to invite the new season in! (The best one in our opinion!) The first day of Autumn was officially 22nd September here in the UK, but between the scattered showers, beating hot sun and gentle Autumn breezes, it’s not been a bad start! We've even held our first couple of fire pit evenings to help us to get ready for the coming weeks - complete with marshmallows of course! 


With the arrival of Halloween and Bonfire Night on the horizon, however - cozy evenings and slow cookers are surely just around the leaf covered bend, and it’s time to settle into the season. As busy as you may be however, it’s important to look after yourselves and it could be a perfect time this weekend to set aside some time to write a small, concise, easy to make list of recipes for you and the family - it’s all about adding to the slow cooker before work, baking simple tray dishes to feed the troops and hearty heart warming food. Check out our Pantry for some delicious herb and spice packets that you can use again and again to add some easy flavour to your one-pot dishes, as well as our eco-friendly Vegetable Brushes stocked over in our Scullery to clean up your ingredients prior to popping them in to cook! (So that’s your Sunday roast sorted!)

(We recently held the exciting conclusion of our home-grown potato competition we took part in with family, where we were lucky enough to covet our very own gold medal, which we hope next year we can retain!)




It is also for some one of the busiest times of year – sending the kids back to school, and colds, sniffles and darker evenings go hand in hand as the days get colder. Our gorgeously festive Pheasant Handkerchiefs however may make riding out the flu season a little prettier!



We also recommend a couple of our fave seasonal treats to help you to embrace the darker evenings, each season, after all has it’s perks! We for one can’t wait to see the leaves change, and can’t wait to tick off a couple of those Autumn Bucket List items – Woodland walks and a millionth rewatch of Hocus Pocus anyone?! Besides, there are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.  


We also have a new little friend over on the Pretty Odd Plot (follow the hashtag over on Instagram @prettyoddprops if you can!) just in time for the spooky season! We’ve had several bat sightings flying over our heads – isn’t that just the ultimate spooky treat just in time for Autumn?!


….and finally, THANK YOU for making our baking tins a sell out – We can’t wait to see what festive bakes our beauties house!

Nesting Cake Tins

As ever, thank you for supporting our small business over the past few months!
Stay well!
The Pretty Odd Team x


  • Pretty Odd

    Yay! Thanks Jane! x

  • Jane Price

    Always a joy to see what you’ve got in store next. Beautiful photos and inspirng ideas. Thank you!

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