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Welcome to the New Home of Pretty Odd! We're Happy You're Here.

Welcome to the New Home of Pretty Odd! We're Happy You're Here.
Hello and Welcome! We're so glad you found us! It's been a long time coming - 5 years in fact since we began our humble journey which has resulted in us serving tea and cake to the masses and creating fantastical themed events for a whole host of clients.
We spent months dreaming up all sorts of ridiculous ways we could celebrate how far we'd come - but unfortunately 2020 had other plans and we celebrated our 5th Birthday in lockdown (we promise from now on we'll try to limit the L-word!) Time seemed to stop altogether in the events world (VERY Alice in Wonderland!) but we are thankful for the time to take a step back and appreciate what we've achieved, and also to think about where we'd like to be in the next 5 years (for event planners, we're not so much for the planning of our own lives!) and how we can create something with a lasting impact.

From our parties and events grew something of a set of values for us. Time well spent, whether that's spent with friends and family, taking time out with cake and a cuppa or both, we became something more. We decided to align our previous focus with practical, quality products lovingly handpicked for you and your loved ones. A celebration of the little things, a reason to gather and items with intention for your home. After all, that's where all our best parties are. 
As you'll be able to see if you stick around and peruse what we've lovingly put together, you'll see a hand-picked collection of some of our fave items - a careful curation of some of the best UK-based companies that we believe will help to craft a well-curated home (and under our brand new branding!) Let's stick the kettle on, we're glad you're here.


The Pretty Odd Team x



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