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We Stayed In A Hobbit House

Hi all! It’s been a while!

With everything that’s been going on in the world lately, we thought it was good opportunity to show you a little of our previous (non-essential) isolation from a slightly more carefree time a few weeks ago. As wannabe minimalists - which can be tricky with all that vintage china! & wannabe owners of their own Hobbit House out in the woods one day - which might prove difficult as Dan is 6’4”! - we thought we’d test out our would-be lifestyle courtesy of somebody who has taken the step!
We have a HUGE LOTR fan in our party, which helped to make the decision as to whether we opted for the Hobbit House or Hagrid’s Hut (read to the end for that!) So for now, without further ado, this is our long-awaited stay at the Hobbit House courtesy of North Shire. As a fellow independent business & lovers of a theme, we couldn’t wait to stay!
How cute is this?! Round doors need to be a thing everywhere, all the time! We parked up around the back, & were greeted by Carol, the lovely hostess who lives on site! We found out about the place through Instagram friends of ours who had stayed in one of the gypsy caravans on the site. It’s far enough in the country, but there is a fab pub up the road serving proper food, & Whitby is less than half an hour away for the best chippy tea you’ll ever have.
Imagine barbecues out here in the Summer?! The stained glass windows & details are spot on. We took so many images during our 3 day stay, but we’ll try & keep this short & sweet!
We weren’t looking for a huge amount to do during our stay - we really just wanted somewhere quirky & quiet & this place delivered. Even the resident peacock & chickens were pretty chilled, & at one point were on the roof - or a mound of grass to the untrained eye! We still packed a lot, considering this was my attempt at trialling living simply (then again, from what I’ve seen, Hobbits like stuff, right?!) It was overcast when we arrived, proper seaside weather!
Also - have we mentioned how good a round door is?!
OMG - Carol also left us a cake. How good is that?! What a hostess!
This is the view from the front door. The house is fitted with all the essentials & was plenty warm enough even for March! (The radiators were awesomely vintage too!) Considering I’m always too cold & Dan is always too hot - I don’t know how this house managed to have us both covered when we can’t even manage that ourselves in our own home...
Immediately stuck the kettle on. The house is stocked with lots of cups & mugs inkeeping with the hobbit theme.
It really is a labour of love. Note to self: Where does one get Hobbit pans?!
We loved the studio-style space, & the 2 bedrooms are curtained off (still with rounded dividers) so I guess you’d have to get on with whoever you were staying with - but why would you invite somebody into your Hobbit House if you didn’t like them?! Wouldn’t happen.
We took some games with us, but the House is stocked with themed dvds & games - We even played The Hobbit trivial pursuit & I got a question right! Dan tricking me into watching those extended editions all those years ago has finally paid off...
How cool is that Prancing Pony glass?! Perfect for your half-time Robinsons.
Loving it. There were even hooks filled with dressing up clothes. Hint: Which we used in the bathroom...
There were SO MANY details in this place - ornaments, books & even the lamps were gorgeous! The place might be small for a human house, but OMG I could lose some stuff to move in here...
This is the view from the first bedroom. I don’t know if it was the surroundings, the bed, or the Hobbit-life kicking in, but we had THE best nights’ sleep ever here.
Above: Dat ceiling.
We managed to take a quick picture of the resident peacock! What a beaut!
Bloody lovely.
As you can imagine, the novelty of the door never once wore off.
We loved every minute of our stay and (Dan wanted to move in) & as for our next visit...
The neighbours. Amazing.
We hope you enjoyed the snippets from our stay, I can honestly say I fully recommend it. Maybe when all this blows over, you can try it for yourself.
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