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The Lobby Peaky Blinders Afternoon Tea

It was the premiere of Season 5 of Birmingham’s own Peaky Blinders yesterday! & to celebrate, we had ourselves a little (it was huge) Peaky Blinders Gentlemen’s Afternoon Tea at The Lobby on Hill Street, in our home town of Birmingham.
Off the back of our own Father’s Day Hamper success - we decided to see how somebody else did it, & boy we weren’t disappointed. Whether you’re a fan of the show, or you just like a bloody good ham sandwich - without further a do, we present to you - The Lobby Peaky Blinders Afternoon Tea...
Above: Upon arrival, we were shown to our table which was already beautifully set up! Although we already knew what we were having, it was lovely to look at the Menu again - especially when it meant the chance to choose one of the many yum drinks that’s included! There was a lot of choice!
Dan opted for a Peaky lager - which was a pleasant surprise on the Menu, as we’ve only seen the ‘ales’ in shops before. The lager seemed a much better fit as its lighter nature better compliments an Afternoon Tea, even if it is aimed at ‘Gentlemen’ (Fact: No matter what your theme is, tea & cake is universally loved by all).
P.S. - OMG extra points for the vintage china.
This was the daiquiri - There were three flavours to choose from: regular, strawberry or passion fruit, either frozen or shaken. I can highly recommend the passion fruit! (Although it seemed to go down quickly, not really a fault of The Lobby...)
The Menu first appealed to us due to the theme (obvs! - You’ve come to know that we love one!) but also the fact that everything on there is all just simple food done well. It’s got that pub vibe, where you could just graze on everything (which we did!)
How gorge does this look?! & this wasn’t even all of it! We were also given a choice of ‘Tall Cakes’ from their cake menu. Options were blueberry, lemon & caramel latte. We opted for the last two, but there was a moment of discussion about this. We weren’t the only ones. The couple who arrived after us had the same dilemma. We went for two flavours, so we (I) could try both.
Also, LOVE the metal bowls!!
Above Left: The cheese & pickle ‘sliders’ were bigger than we expected, not that that was an issue! The fact they were all on different breads meant that you & your beloved get to decide who gets what. The cheese was definitely a smokey cheese - something we incorporated into our Father’s Day hampers, & this complimented the Peaky theme really well.
Above Middle: CREAM FIRST! Good job Lobby chef. No need to waste valuable seconds on making up your own scones. These bad boys were brought to us freshly baked & made the right way.
Above Right: For a fussy eater, I’ve always found the fact that I’m into pickled onions a bit weird. They tick all the strange food boxes, but I love them & got them all to myself. I happily forfeited the pork pie for this. (Dan said they were lovely too though, just fyi!)
The whole point of an Afternoon Tea tier system is the fact that you eat in a certain order. Not us. We maintained ceremony for around one and a half courses, but I can always go back to savoury. How often is it that you have a buffet of fab food to graze on?!
Above: Caramel latte cake - this was our second ‘Tall Cake’ option. (Options also included blueberry & lemon - which was also amazing & can be seen further up!)
All in all, this is definitely a ‘gentlemen’s tea’ - no teacups (Not that men don’t drink tea, they bloody love it in our house!) & just the one perfectly cut ham & mustard (with seeds) sandwich - you’d be hard pushed to find anybody that wouldn’t find this a treat. Similarly if Afternoon Tea isn’t your thing, or you’ve not had the pleasure before - this could be a great way to introduce you to the wonders of tiny sandwiches on a variety of stands. If you’re on the fence, book it as a present for someone you love & just make sure they take you with them. Win/win!
Special thanks to The Lobby staff (especially to our lovely waitress Janae!) for a ‘Blindin’ time’ - geddit?!
The venue itself is lovely & having gone once, I’d imagine we’d be back - especially if they keep doing their scones the right way.
Thanks guys! Check out to book your own!


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