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Easter Is Almost Here! Lighter Nights And New Routines!

Hello! I hope you're all well and enjoying the first signs of Spring! (We know the UK weather can be a little temperamental this time of year, but we'd like to think full time Spring is just around the corner!) and with the clocks going forward this Sunday, it marks a shift into what we hope are brighter days ahead, both physically and mentally (Autumn is my forever fave time of year, but there is a special place in my heart for Spring. Daffodils, pastels, lighter nights...) and obviously for those of you among us who are Religious, this time of year is about way more than the Easter Bunny! We never really got on board with the whole New...

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Stock Up On Provisions For Spring!

"Deep sleeps the Winter, Cold, wet and grey; Surely all the world is dead; Spring is far away. Wait! the world shall waken; It is not dead, for lo, The Fair Maids of February Stand in the snow!" ‘The Snowdrop Fairy’ - Cicely Mary Barker. They're here! The first signs of Spring. Traditionally a symbol of less positive omens (the Victorians didn't like them in the house, their worst-case scenario was death!) we've spotted our first snowdrops on our walks! Now often seen as a symbol of hope due to the fact that it is often the first to flower at the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring, we can't help but appreciate a sign that there are...

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Are You Ready For Krampus Night?! Check Out This "Kreepy" Tradition!

Hello and happy December! We can't quite believe it's already that time of year, although in all honesty these past few months have been met with equal parts wondering where the time has gone and a general feeling of being stuck - so we have mixed feelings about it! That being said, we are getting into the Christmas Spirit, and today has been one of clearing, cleaning and getting ready for the coming month. (We'll need to do it all again once that tree goes down, but between us - we quite like a good clean and sort!) We are however, really happy that we have something to look forward to and although we know that this Festive Season may...

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