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Oz-iversary! 2 Years on, A Celebration of Our Adventures Over The Rainbow For Autism Awareness!

The winds are picking up & any moment now I feel as though we’re going to go spiralling into another dimension! Better get the bubble wrap & start wrapping up the teapots. Speaking of, the latest Oz film is on & they’re at the part with the teapot village. Dream town Dan says. He’s not very wrong. Quite fitting then, that it’s only 2 days away from our 2 year anniversary of one of the biggest events we’ve pulled off to date! Our Wizard of Oz open day in honour of supporting Autism Awareness. 2 years ago, on a rainy & slightly blustery day in the middle of Sutton Coldfield, we packed our bag (boot-fulls!) of tricks, including a specially...

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Pirates, Witches & A Lot of Calories Later... Our Theme Inspiration Trip To Cornwall!

They do it right down South. Fudge, pasties, cream teas, cider - all the good stuff! & while we were there I ate everything you could possibly put the word ‘Cornish’ in front of. Proud Midlanders, (I do think our tea is better) I must say it was nice to get some sea air into our lungs. I don't know what our obsession is with the seaside - perhaps it’s because residing in Birmingham means we’re like, the furthest point away from any?! (and naturally I want it!) Although I HATE photos of myself, this genuinely was a candid shot of the back of my head. If you scroll down you’ll see my ‘why are you pointing that at me?’...

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Welcome To The New Site! Check Out Our Magical Witches & Wizards Afternoon Tea Party!

Hi tea, cake & party lovers!Welcome to the all new POP website! A long time & a lot of cake in the making, the new site is about where we are as a company right now. It's full of our past adventures, ideas of what's to come & all the ways we can help you to make your event idea come to life! For the first post, I'll be running through one of our highlights during our time so far, this month's magical 21st Birthday tea!

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