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The Art of Simple Gift Giving at Christmas - What 2020 Has Taught Us.

It's almost that time of year - We've barely put away our Halloween decorations (some of us begrudgingly!) and yet the first signs of Christmas are already here! (We're totally not helping here either... ha!) I heard my first Christmas song in the supermarket today... and every item of confectionery now seems to come in a novelty Christmas shape (why DO they taste better?!) However, whether you love it or loathe it, December will soon be here.

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We Stayed In A Hobbit House

Hi all! It’s been a while! With everything that’s been going on in the world lately, we thought it was good opportunity to show you a little of our previous (non-essential) isolation from a slightly more carefree time a few weeks ago. As wannabe minimalists - which can be tricky with all that vintage china! & wannabe owners of their own Hobbit House out in the woods one day - which might prove difficult as Dan is 6’4”! - we thought we’d test out our would-be lifestyle courtesy of somebody who has taken the step! We have a HUGE LOTR fan in our party, which helped to make the decision as to whether we opted for the Hobbit House or...

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