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The 5 Love Languages & How They Could Help You This Christmas!

Hello! We hope you're managing to take some time for yourself this festive season. As we know, December flies by so quickly, and it's easy to become burned out without realising! Since the launch of our Christmas Shop, we've been discussing Christmas shopping this year in general. As a shop, you'd think we'd be trying to sell all the items we can, but in all honesty, it's not all that we're about! Sure our purpose is to gift good quality items from our home to yours, but this year things may look a little different - and we think that this might be a slight silver lining to all this madness. The irony of Black Friday after Thanksgiving is not...

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Where We've Been This Week! "Award-Winning Birmingham Business Launches Online Gift Store"

Hello! We hope you're staying safe and well! It's been another really exciting week for us since our launch! Not only has our Christmas Shop been open for business as we're now a week closer to the big day! (thank you to everybody who has continued to support us during this time!) but we've also been featured across the Internet! We know it isn't a UK thing, but we're feeling quite thankful this Thanksgiving Week! First of all, our Lead Designer Dan's company BEYONDESIGN featured our fresh new branding over on their company LinkedIn which was super exciting! In his weekly review, they chose to talk about our new look and the change of direction as a whole during these crazy...

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"Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again." - C.S. Lewis

There has been many a discussion on the kinds of products we wanted to offer as we've grown from an travelling afternoon tea and event planner, into a fully fledged store (there is much more to come - you'll see!) but the one thing that did always stick with us, was the value of taking time out and gathering with friends and loved ones (the irony of this year has not been lost on us!)

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