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The Art of Simple Gift Giving at Christmas - What 2020 Has Taught Us.

Our St. Eval Folk Collection candles are the perfect Winter treat for your or a loved one!
It's almost that time of year - We've barely put away our Halloween decorations (some of us begrudgingly!) and yet the first signs of Christmas are already here! (We're totally not helping here either... ha!) I heard my first Christmas song in the supermarket today... and every item of confectionery now seems to come in a novelty Christmas shape (why DO they taste better?!) However, whether you love it or loathe it, December will soon be here.

The thing is - one thing we've learned after all these years, is that it's most often the build up to something that is better than the thing itself. Despite the piles of presents and effort we go to, the day itself can leave you feeling a little bit deflated, and it's very often (in our opinion) the little things that bring us the most joy. Wouldn't you treasure one item a day in the lead up to the 25th rather than a pile of presents at once? To have the time to appreciate the effort somebody has gone to to find the perfect gift? And what if you're feeling the pressure to compete with others and you just don't have the money to do so?! It's doubtful that your Christmas will be any less special than anybody else's. Furthermore, what if you don't celebrate Christmas? It's likely that you would feel as though you aren't missing out at all!

This all sounds super depressing - but bear with us! What if we used the madness that is 2020 to scale it back this year? If this year, which has taught us about what is actually important in our lives isn't the best excuse for a tidings turnpoint, then it can't be done! But if like us, you feel like maybe some of the items on your Christmas list are in fact something to over compensate for the crappyness (a word?!) that is this year- maybe we can find more worth in a few hand selected items chosen with care.

Our St. Eval Folk Collection candles are the perfect Winter treat for your or a loved one!

Our lovingly selected candles (we're still a shop - we need to sell you something!) can last weeks on end, and every time somebody lights it, they can think of you. How about something else from our Apothecary? So that the recipient has something to look forward to using? Gift giving doesn't have to cost the Earth, and consumable gifts can be the perfect solution and something that the recipient would never normally buy for themselves, that at the same time, won't clutter up the house.
We hope you have a wonderful start to the Winter Season, and remember it's people not things that really matter. However, if those people in your life would also like something from our shop (ha!) then feel free to peruse some of our long lasting gift ideas that will have them thankful that you thought of them.
Our latest Christmas arrivals will be online next week! (Exciting!)

The Pretty Odd Team x

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