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POP SHOP! Launches "Best of British" Collection for Queen's Jubilee!

We're nearly there, folks. I can almost smell the scent of BBQ in the air and the pub garden has already been in touch (about as often as the sun has emerged from behind the clouds over the last couple of weeks to be honest...) It's been a long couple of years hasn't it?!
...and fast approaching is the Queen's Jubilee - it's lovely to have something we're all excited about (that doesn't involve us going to penalties!) and to celebrate, we've launched our POP SHOP! "Best of British" Confectionery Box! 
Containing 3 of our "Best of British" confectionery classics:
1. Jelly Babies
2. Pear Drops
3. Wine Gums
Wrapped with a festive ribbon and posted with a "Lovely Jubilee" limited hand-painted postcard, this box of crown jewels would make the perfect sharer treat for you and your loved ones! (or you could always celebrate on your own!) and for a limited time, we're giving you £2 off!

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