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POP SHOP! is here! Shop our teas!

POP SHOP! Our teas are now live!

Hi all! 
I hope this blog finds you well, and apologies for the radio silence, but


Lavender Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

It's been a long time coming! When we started this transition from "Travelling Afternoon Tea with a Twist" to our own store, our main priorities were going to be our teas and confectionery - after all, it's what we're about - consumable gifts for loved ones and pretty and practical opportunities to treat yourself. Although the pandemic (sorry, this is usually a safe space!) had other ideas, it did mean that:
1.) it pushed us along much more quickly, as our main event planning side of the business had to evolve into more than just tea and sweeties online (although they do both seem to take a lot of precedent in our lives!) and now both our actual tea leaves and packaging reflect our past, present and future.
2.) Our lives and priorities changed dramatically. This in turn allowed us to explore further what we actually wanted to achieve as an online store in terms of how it relates to how we evolved as people. Case in point: we got serious about wastage, we took things more slowly, readjusted some priorities and ditched the freezer to name a few things! Therefore we like to think we've taken the time to build a solid foundation on which to build our future.
Our humble beginnings of themed teas, hampers and prop hire for events and get-togethers has evolved into something so much more and our teas are part of that. We're so excited that our POP SHOP! has opened with our teas first - they're really a statement of who we are, and we can't wait to show you more of what's to come. Our selection of flavours have been tried, tested and picked! Furthermore each bag of loose leaf tea comes with a reusable teabag!

Although is our home, our teas are also available over on Etsy for those of you who prefer to shop that way!
Stay safe, and thank you for all of your support! 
The Pretty Odd Team x

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