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Pirates, Witches & A Lot of Calories Later... Our Theme Inspiration Trip To Cornwall!

They do it right down South. Fudge, pasties, cream teas, cider - all the good stuff! & while we were there I ate everything you could possibly put the word ‘Cornish’ in front of. Proud Midlanders, (I do think our tea is better) I must say it was nice to get some sea air into our lungs. I don't know what our obsession is with the seaside - perhaps it’s because residing in Birmingham means we’re like, the furthest point away from any?! (and naturally I want it!)
Although I HATE photos of myself, this genuinely was a candid shot of the back of my head. If you scroll down you’ll see my ‘why are you pointing that at me?’ face in an actual shot of my face.
The thing about Cornwall is there are so many little places to visit along any one stretch, so it’s difficult to stay there without wanting to cover a lot of the route. This was an impromptu visit to Port Isaac, which is where they filmed Doc Martin. The environment is very much that of working fishing harbour & I loved all the little gothic nods within the architecture.
Literally 15 minutes after arriving into Tintagle on the same day, we were completely sold on this pub. The King Arthur was amazing! Fab drinks, lovely staff & home cooked food from a wicked menu that seemed to arrive within minutes. The seaside sure makes you hungry & the fact that this place was yards from the car park helped make our decision for us! Ha!
I can safely say that there is 100% fudge in that bag. This was that accidentally candid shot I was referring to earlier. There are a little row of unusual shops here selling everything from sweets & ice cream (OMG Kelly’s ice cream!) to more Arthur-based gifts. As you can tell from what we do for a living, we LOVE a theme. King Arthur Afternoon Tea, anyone?
Very ominous sign.
Look at that grey sky! Considering we got a little sunburned (Casper-skin over here) the day before, the sky quickly turned grey over the next day or so, which was pretty perfect for our drive out to the Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor & The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle the next day.
This place is a pub, serves lovely food, has accommodation & also has a gift shop, farm shop & a museum!
Be prepared to see A LOT of Poldark. We love the fact that nobody else got a look in right through to December. Maybe that’s just our sense of humour.
The interior of this whole place is very in keeping with the whole pirates & smuggling thing & it just makes for a really cosy atmosphere. The products on offer in the 2 shops are lovely, & in all honesty we could have bought a lot! It was really interesting to see a farm shop in this environment, I’d love it if my local supermarket looked like this!
Jamaica Inn have their branding on point. Fruit & Veg? Barrels cut into to display your stock? Poldark tea towels? Check. Love it! & I know this place has plenty of history when it comes to pirates, smuggling & a book, tv series & film, but man we just quite like the place based on the rustic charm alone...
FREE POOL, DARTS & JUKE BOX! (& cider at 11:30am) Heaven. We did consider visiting their fab little museum, but it was getting late & I needed witches! (BUT LOOK AT THOSE POSTERS!)
Sad to go, but we were then off to The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, which I have to say I was pretty certain was my top priority.
GUARDIAN CAT! Want one. I love how in this pic it looks like he’s playing with that ribbon behind. RANDOM: As I’m writing this, a black cat has just wondered down the street & past our studio. I KNOW ALL THE CATS ON THIS STREET & HE ISN’T ONE OF THEM! Spooky.
WE MADE IT! A cute little place down the path & towards the sea we found the Museum of Witchcraft, & it was pretty packed for midday on a Tuesday in September.
Door inspiration. The witch door at the front of the Museum must have featured in nearly every post regarding it & I’m pretty confident I’m going to make it my own. How cute are these little replicas you can buy in the shop? Gorge.
It's been nearly 2 years since our Wizard of Oz Autism Awareness day we held in collaboration with Sutton Coldfield Town Council, so whenever we see Oz I get a little bit excited.
We took a million photos in this place, but in all honesty if you ever get a chance to go, you should! The small entrance fee is amazing considering you could do this place 3 times & still not see & read everything! See those drawers at the bottom of the photo? You can pull those out! Those are FILLED with interesting bits & bobs!
I had to re-read this because I didn't realise it said ‘YOU DO NOT KNOW’, which made me giggle. Although this Museum is definitely no laughing matter! Unfortunately the Witch-telling chair was out of action on the day we visited. (Thank God).
Who wouldn’t want a load of neatly organised herbs & spices in tall jars with vintage labels? Ah. Pantry bliss. I love this place already, with it’s mix of Wiccan history & how witches & magic have been portrayed over the years, as well as a nod to those affected by Witchcraft whether it be those who practice or those who were wrongfully persecuted, this collection is a real work of art & definitely a fantastic homage not only to Witchcraft in Cornwall but across the rest of the world.
The Museum, although only small is absolutely packed with items all neatly labelled & explained in much greater detail than I could ever do!
The Museum also incorporates faeries & other mythical beings. As somebody who has come from a film/prop background, this place is on a whole other level! Some of these objects are absolutely beautiful, & just make you want to know more!
…Maybe not about this guy. Who was huge & still managed to hide menacingly in a dark corner of the upstairs room.
Although I’ve always loved keys, especially old ones like this that look great as props - I never realised they were considered magical objects before.
I was really surprised at our dark this place is. It’s an amazing & well put together collection that is a must-see for anybody, not just Halloween & witch-obsessives like myself, it’s truly fascinating.
…Witch - ha! Geddit?! brings us right back to our roots! LOVE these teacups!
This was the day we visited the museum - look at that sky! You can totally see how this place got it’s reputation. It looks like a pretty good place for a witch to live.
We experienced all weathers while we were there, & we have to say it was a pretty special place in all of them! Everywhere we visited was perfect inspiration for us & what we do. I hope you’ve enjoyed scrolling through! Thanks for stopping by!
Time to go! I couldn't resist taking a photo of this awesome Grandfather clock that met us at the foot of the stairs every morning for breakfast. (Or on the way down to the bar for another Cornish cider at night). We also loved the Brunel inspired glass on the window behind!
Photo taken before we nearly got killed by a cow on the Cornish coast. A story for another time.
Have you been to any of the places mentioned? If so, what did you think? We’d loved to hear your thoughts, especially on whether or not you’re planning anything related for Halloween this year!

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