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Opening Day At The Kitty Cafe Birmingham!

Amazing interiors, a fab afternoon tea & several cats who almost got the cream!

Today we were lucky enough to attend the opening day of the brand new Kitty Cafe in Birmingham! Having never gone to a Kitty Cafe before, it was very exciting getting to go for the first time to one on our doorstep! Cats? Afternoon Tea? Amazing. The Cafe already has branches in Nottingham & Leeds, so we were so excited when they announced that Birmingham would be home to their newest venture! Also, since booking, we couldn’t get that promo song out of our heads. Genius. Check it out below: (Apologies in advance if it gets stuck in your head too!) It’s safe to say it didn’t disappoint, and although we’re used to cats & tea at home, there was something pretty special about sharing Afternoon Tea with this lot.

Throughout the afternoon more critters seemed to appear, & it was amazing to see all types & ages of cats mingling together!

The decor is eclectic & it totally works! Somebody has spent A LOT of time making this a really fun place for cats (& humans!) Kitties can play & chill high & low, & there are even little time out zones if they need some space! We noticed that there was even a hole in the wall if one of the little’uns gets stuck in the loo!

We had booked in for the Early Bird Afternoon Tea (although the rest of the Menu looks AMAZING!) & on arrival were asked which drinks we wanted (tea, coffee or hot chocolate) & we were then shown to a cute little table near the back, & the Afternoon Tea promptly arrived - We were fully prepared to wait because it was so exciting to be there & there was SO MUCH to see! (The rules state an hours’ stay which to be honest didn’t feel rushed at all & the staff were very accommodating by checking in, chatting with us & checking that we were okay for drinks!)

This was almost a soft launch, & the vibe was totally relaxed - part of the charm of a Cat Cafe, no running & everybody seems so happy. How could you not be happy & chilled when you’re here?!

The Cafe itself was spotless & the staff were so lovely! We were seated on a table for two with some lovely Mad Hatter-style armchairs. It was a little like Alice in Wonderland with cats. (Note to self: theme party idea!)

The sandwich choices that came with the Afternoon Tea were ham, cheese & red onion (a personal fave off our Menu!), egg mayo & tuna & cucumber (which appeared to be a kitty fave!)

Above: Total kitty carnage, the scone -Cream first. Obviously... And the Maine Coon Tabitha stole Dan’s heart (& tried to steal his snap!)

Tabitha (Right) got very attached to Dan - so much so that she strategically tried to make off with half a tuna sandwich (& was quickly intercepted!) You have to be VERY careful (& are not allowed to feed the cats) These kitties have clearly already mastered the art of distraction, & there were even several attempts on the jug of milk. (Personally I’d have gone for something off the top tier of the cakestand! Those heart looking pastries were AMAZE!) but the staff were amazing at explaining all about their personalities, what to watch out for & knew every cat by name & nature. I wonder whether this was just because it was all so new to the little creatures!

You could look around the Cafe for hours & still notice something new. You were also free to roam (much like the cats!) & take photos - no flash for obvious reasons! & looking out towards the window, it was obvious to see that Grand Central passers by were thoroughly entertained!


The cats got a little more familiar as time went on, & you’re able to stroke them but not lift them up, (all the obvious stuff really!) It’s their home, so you’re the guests!

See the list of Kitty Cafe House Rules here (all pretty reasonable requests!) click here.

To look at the Kitty Cafe Menu, click here.

This Kitty Cafe is also a Rescue Centre, which is amazing! & we had heard that just a day before they had rescued another two from Birmingham! The Kitty Cafe Membership card would be a fantastic gift for somebody (Us! - as would half of the cutest gift shop that’s positioned to the left of the exit - after the Kitty airlock!) It’s safe to say we’ll definitely be back!


Cheers Kitty Cafe, welcome to Birmingham!


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