Get Organised. Why a Summer Clearout Could Help You Mentally & Make Your Months Ahead a Little More Magical! Simple & Tested Tips!

Get Organised This Summer. Why a Summer Clear Out Could Help You Mentally & Make Your Months Ahead a Little More Magical! Simple & Tested Tips!
I never thought I'd be one to declutter a garden, but about three years ago I got the bug and once I'd finished decluttering the house, made use of all our pretty things from our events-life and donated the rest, I had no idea just how much time it would give us. It took a little while but then the scales began to tip. More time freed up for the things we like, and even the emergence of some things we didn't know we liked. My husband built me the cold frame of my dreams to grow some veg for this Christmas, more connecting with nature, multiple cake-fails from one of the two baking books I decided to keep full of recipes I’d wanted to try for years and a “baking cupboard” to take stock of. Who even am I? All in all, a general shift in mental health and a brand new way of looking at things, just to name a couple of improvements!
...Not to mention an entire shift for the direction of Pretty Odd – Pretty and practical items for a well-curated home. Seasons of sort-outs have made me appreciate what we’ve kept and allow us to invest in useful things that will help us in our day to day lives – whether it makes us happy, keeps us cosy (no need to go out!) or gets us organised.
Here's why a Summer reset could be the perfect thing for you to feel ready for the cooler months ahead.
1. Get school sorted – and feel better come September. Whatever it is you need to do, you’ll still need to do it come the start of term. If it’s buying those school-supplies, take the last-minute stress away and take advantage of any early deals (and the kids might even be on board if they think they’ve got weeks of holidays ahead of them!) Get that ironing done, it’ll make the Sunday night feeling much easier to handle, and start thinking about what the kids are going to eat – Meal plans have changed my life.
2. Decluttering now means your future self will thank you, whether that’s September or Christmas or even well into next year. You’ll be out and about taking Autumn photos for Instagram while others are spending time looking for uniforms that are too small and having to do the big-shop on a Sunday. Nightmare. You can shop for fun and won’t feel as guilty if you see something nice and seasonal for your house because you know what you’ve got and you’ve been to the charity shop!
3. More time for getting out into nature and clearing the garden - get the kids to help and it's a freebie activity day! Loads of nature reserves do freebie trails and put things on for kids in the holidays, and you won’t be worried about what you should be doing at home – your house is decluttered, you’re spending time with the kids and it hasn’t cost the earth, all-round winner!
Our biggest piece of advice is this – it gets easier and the benefits are continuously worth it. Then it's little and often to keep your brain trained. You’ll see!


Our top used items around the home (and beyond!) this week!

1. Wooden Pot Brush Getting rid (and not buying so much again!) has definitely impacted our view on what we’re contributing to the planet. This little wooden pot brush is a Pretty Odd staple, and you’re also helping out the environment, click to see why…
2. Thornback & Peel Teacup Apron Cupboard clearouts lead to extra room and money for the ingredients needed to make that recipe from one of my last remaining baking books! 
3. Fish Flask - for all the travels we have more time for. Ours came to Scotland!
4. Wild Flower Notebook – Stationery addict over here. No Notebook is going to do it for you, but this one will motivate you to start making those lists now. Whether it’s shopping and meal plans, jotting down what you need before school starts, or places you’d like to visit to make the most of the Summer – this sturdy and wipeable beauty will help you to get organised.
5. English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea (50g) I also crept over to the dark side this week and bought a new cafetiere, but if it’s pure ritual you’re after, nothing is more relaxing than taking time out to brew a fresh pot of tea. After all, you’ve tidied your house, there’s less to clean and the kids are sorting your garden, you’ve earned this!
…and finally, my top tip? Once you’re organised, invest in some lovely storage.
Phrenology & Palmistry Tin set (in light, also available in dark)
We hope you have an amazing Summer!
The Pretty Odd Team x

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