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I hope this post finds you well! A lot seems to have changed since we last spoke (including the opening of the beer garden!) and we hope you're all continuing to adjust to life as it evolves over the next few weeks.
I don't know about you, but instead of climbing the walls, I'm really okay with not going back to 'normal'. In fact, I think I've found my new normal, and I really hope it's going to continue to involve many, many plants, endless cups of tea on our new garden bench (with the warmer weather to accompany it!) and long catch-ups with friends and loved ones, savoured over tea and treats on the lawn (until it's too cold, by which point I hope my mates are allowed in my kitchen again!) - that's not to romanticize the absolute horror that has been the last year, but I hope you've managed to find your 'anchors' so to speak, the bright spots in the year. For us, we've finally got round to planting seeds, spending time decluttering things we don't need (in regards to our 'onion' method of cleaning, we must have had one big onion!) shedding what we don't need and making time for things that count, and ensuring the things we do keep in our lives are things we love.
I hope you've managed to find your own bright spots this year, and a way to make the seemingly mundane a little more magical in your own corner of the world. I hope we get to keep them moving forward.
Here's a few of our featured items from our Homepage this week, that may help you to capture some magic in your little part of the world:

Garden Birds Bone China Mug


Wild Flower Notebook


Mushroom Enamel Mug

The Pretty Odd Team x

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