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Easter Is Almost Here! Lighter Nights And New Routines!


I hope you're all well and enjoying the first signs of Spring! (We know the UK weather can be a little temperamental this time of year, but we'd like to think full time Spring is just around the corner!) and with the clocks going forward this Sunday, it marks a shift into what we hope are brighter days ahead, both physically and mentally (Autumn is my forever fave time of year, but there is a special place in my heart for Spring. Daffodils, pastels, lighter nights...) and obviously for those of you among us who are Religious, this time of year is about way more than the Easter Bunny!
We never really got on board with the whole New Year in January thing. This time of year feels much more relevant to a fresh start. Although we're not ones to pile on the 'New Year, New Me' thing, we do appreciate the sunny optimism and new beginning-feel that March and April have to offer. A fresh start can be made at any time, it's a state of mind, and some times in our life just seem easier to do just that, whether it's a new cleaning routine, trying out new recipes or decluttering!
The change into Easter also means our Easter bunting can go up! For Party Planners, you'd think the house would be decorated to the max, but funnily enough, since we've decluttered and taken stock of our stuff over the last year, our one old (and very inexpensive!) set of pastel egg bunting brings more joy than a room full of decorations! (Perhaps the minimal life and stripped back decor leaves more room to enjoy the one item and that's enough!)
It's going to rain, and I need to get the washing in. Bloody Spring showers... (Ha! I kid...)
Anyway! We hope you've spotted some signs of Spring where you are. Also feel free to sign up to our Newsletter this month - Our next one goes out this Sunday (28th!) and there may be something from the Easter Bunny that's worth sticking around for! After you've been sent your copy of our Newsletter, get any orders in early so you can enjoy your treats in time for the Big Weekend!
Do you do anything special around this time of year? Anything you can't wait to get back to when all of the madness is over? What's your fave Easter egg? Tell me everything by commenting below, we'd love to hear about any traditions or habits you have at this time of year!

The Pretty Odd Team x

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