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Cosmetic Clear Outs & Deep Autumn Declutters! Start The Season With A Clean Slate!

When was the last time you gave your makeup bag a good clear out?! Well now you're thinking about it, perhaps it's the perfect time to wash those grotty brushes or toss that old eyeshadow that looked wicked under the store lights but doesn't have the same desired effect in the office on a Monday morning... we've all done it, and I'm confident even some of the stuff I use everyday is still well past the use-by date.
As the colder season approaches and very often, our Summer line-up doesn't quite fit the bill anymore (present company excluded - I have one foundation that suits my ghostly tones and that'll have to do all year round!) it could be great time to clean out, wash or potentially anti-bac that collection of old faithfuls! Trust us, your face will thank you for it, and who knows? This may be the start of a more ruthless, 'declutterer' you, just in time for the party season (if you should feel so inclined this year!)
You'll not only be saving your beautiful face from some potential bugs and grime, but you might find it to be the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to something special, after all, if you feel good on the outside, it will help you to feel good on the inside (and vice versa - so keep eating those greens!) Whether you buy into the whole cosmetics thing or not, the same could be said for any old lotions and potions you might have lying around... trust your gut and be brave. You deserve to have things that are worth the space and worth your face... trust us, you'll thank yourself for it! (and while we have you, perhaps you could ask Father Christmas for (or treat yourself to!) our favourite hand printed Blackbird & Bramble Cosmetic Bag, to house your perfectly curated selection of potions this year.)


The Pretty Odd Team x

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